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Unable to console to device

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I have never been able to console into an Infoblox appliance.  With that I have really only tried once since now and didn't have time to do a ton of troubleshooting.  Maybe I am doing something wrong but I am able to console into other vendor devices without any issues (examples: switches, routers, ups's...). I am looking for assistance on how to set up a console connection so that I may join some new appliances to the grid.

I have used a MacBook (macOS Mojave 10.14.3) and a Dell Windows laptop running Windows 10. On the MacBook, I am using the native Screen app. With the Dell laptop, I have used Putty and TeraTerm. I have verified that the correct COM port is selected for what connection along with the recommended settings found at this page:

I am using a TrippLite KeySpan Model USA-19HS USB to Serial adapter (the serial portion is a DB-9 Male. I am then using DB9 (female) to RJ45 (male) connector. On the RJ45 connector is another small adapter converting the RJ45 back to serial (DB-9 female). This end is then able to fit into the DB-9 male serial port in the Infoblox appliance.

When launching any terminal application either on the MacBook or Dell laptop, I get to a blank screen with no output. I attempt to hit any key on the keyboard and nothing appears.

Re: Unable to console to device

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Turns out it is just the pinout of the rj45 to serial adapter.  I tried another engineer's adapter that has a cisco like pinout and this worked.  We don't normally have this one around.

Re: Unable to console to device

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Same problem here. Kinda lame that they can't just have r45 console access. don't have a single adapter that works. 

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