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Upgrade from esx5.5 to 6.0 --> NIOS compatible?

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We are currently running NIOS 7.1.7 on ESX 5.5

We want to upgrade to esx 6.0, without upgrading our infoblox environment.

Is this possible? I could find the release notes from 7.0  (highest esx version compatible is 5.5) and 7.2 (highest esx version compatible is 6.0) but couldn't find it specifically for 7.1









Re: Upgrade from esx5.5 to 6.0 --> NIOS compatible?

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NIOS 7.1 would be the same as for NIOS 7.0. I would suggest checking with support for any of the latest information on whether there are any known issues. I don’t believe there were.

I would recommend looking to upgrade to NIOS 7.3 though due to a variety of fixes and the new reporting interface (assuming there’s not a specific reason you can’t do so).
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