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How-to Articles


BloxOne Quickstart Videos

Please click here to access the BloxOne Quickstart Videos. 


These videos include the following titles: 


1.1 Login and User Creation on BloxOne Platform

1.2 Join Tokens on BloxOne Platform

1.3 VMware On-Prem Hosting

2.1 Global DNS Settings for BloxOne DDI

2.2 DNS Config Profile for BloxOne DDI

2.3 Cloud Primary Zone for BloxOne DDI

2.4 Resource Records for BloxOne DDI

2.5 Secondary Auth Zone for BloxOne DDI

2.6 Forward Zone for BloxOne DDI

2.7 Global DHCP Settings for BloxOne DDI

2.8 DHCP Config Profile for BloxOne DDI

2.9 IP Spaces and Subnets for BloxOne DDI

2.10 DHCP Ranges and Fixed Addresses for BloxOne DDI

3.1 BloxOne Endpoint for BloxOne Threat Defense

3.2 Custom Allow-List and Filters for BloxOne Threat Defense

3.3 Bypass Code for BloxOne Threat Defense

3.4 Custom Security Policy for BloxOne Threat Defense

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