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Any Infoblox upgrade experts here?

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Hello everyone,,


We're running an environment with older 800 series appliances. Looking to move to the 1400 series. However I've been informed that it's literally impossible to maintain using the same IP configuration from old box to new. We cannot by no way take our existing 800 VIP address and reuse that with the 1400 series. Meaning any static assigned address (so 1000's of VLAN helpers, appliances, static assignments) all have to be reconfigured to support this.

Is this for real? There's no way? This is normal for a IB appliance upgrade?

Thanks to all for responses. Managed to get a much better upgrade plan in place..

Re: Any Infoblox upgrade experts here?

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Is that a company internal limitation, because it isn't an Infoblox limitation.

Upgrades are easy if you just swap the appliances.  Tell your org changing IPs while possible, is extremely dangerous. 

You can't have both environments up at once.   If you need that, then you have to do it the hard way pretty much build a parallel environment.  More risk, more to change, like every network device with helpers configured,etc.

Explain your case in massive detail, with crayons to ensure they can follow, and hopefully they will see exceptions have to made sometimes.  If they don't, i'm sorry you are stuck in that environment.  That would be horrible.

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