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String Conversion on HP switches in XML

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On HP (Aruba) switch port parameters can be found in te config file in thre different ways.

1. as

interface 2
   dhcp-snooping max-bindings 10
   qos trust dscp
   rate-limit bcast in percent 2
   rate-limit mcast in percent 2


This can be tackeld by a ConfigBlockCheck


2. as

aaa port-access authenticator 2 quiet-period 30


 This can be checked by building an array of ports to be checked (acces, enabled) and a ForEach with a ConfigFileCheck on each value.


3. as

no lldp config 1-5,7-24 basicTlvEnable port_descr


For this I need to convert the array to a 1-5,7-24 format.


Is that feasable ?



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