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A Record with multiple IPs

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Hi All,


Within a zone I have some A records with Multiple IPs, My problem is some of the IPs may sometimes be unreachable and the DNS server will keep send them as a response;


For example if I have a zone and has :

#Active IPs 

#Inactive IPs 


Is it possible to configure DNS server to only resolve reachable IPs ? in this example : and 


Actually I am disabling manually the inactives A records.


Thank You

Re: A Record with multiple IPs

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What you are asking for is not DNS!  DNS is like a phonebook, where instead of resolving a person's name to their phone number, it resolves a DNS name to an IP address.  Many other records types were added to add other resolution methods and features.  This information is generally static in nature.


What you are asking for is generally termed Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) or the F5 product Global Traffic Management (GTM) .  Infoblox has an add-on feature called DTC: DNS Traffic Control.  This add-on product allows for load balancing and resolution based on service availability (think based on result of health checks).  Infoblox often has demos of the product in their webinars, so I'd suggest checking one of them out!  If you want to watch the last DTC Webinar I watched, it's online here:  Watch Webinar

Re: A Record with multiple IPs

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Hi  ,


Thank you for your response, I will have a look at DTC.



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