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Authentication Against DC issue

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We have admin user authentication against our DCs and we have several members authenticating correctly but on the new one, we can see in the syslog the following logs:


Connection closed by authenticating user xxxxxxx x.x.x.x. port 48476 [preauth]
Failed password for txxxxxx from x.x.x.x. pofi 48476 ssh2
Failed password for txxxxx from x.x.x.x port 48476 ssh2
2023-10-0211 [xxxxxx]: Login_Denied - - apparentlyi_via=Remote ip=x.x.x.x. auth=PAM
No authentication methods succeeded for user txxxxxx


We have also configured the communication against the DCs to be through the management interfaces and I have checked the connectivity with a ping and it is reached correctly but when we do an SSH authentication we don't see this traffic leaving the mgmt interfaces of the new member.





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