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Can you have two virtual appliance set as active/active?

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Hello everyone,


We currently have one TE-825 appliance setup in our main division for DHCP and DNS purposes. We currently have 6 other division's DHCP scopes point to the 825 at our main division. We have a 2nd appliance ready to install/configure at another data center. 


My question is, is it possible to setup the appliance to have the users in the main division get their DHCP IPs from the main divion's appliance and have the other 6 divisions get their DHCP IPs from the new appliance in the data center? Basically have two grid masters that do not talk to one another. 

Re: Can you have two virtual appliance set as active/active?

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You can deploy two standalone GMs if you want. I don't know why you would, you could just have the scopes you want and network segments owned by the other member and it will respond accordingly. DHCP relay agents as well could work wonders getting requests to the right boxes, if you wanted.

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