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Changing the Grid master IP address

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Let's say that I needed to change the Grid Master's LAN1 Interface IP address. Does it inform all the members of its new IP and have them reconnect to it on this new IP?





Re: Changing the Grid master IP address

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Yes. Just change the GM's IP address while the entire Grid is online and all Grid members will be informed of the change through the Grid replication process/database updates. Any Grid member that is not online when the change is made will need to be manually disconnected and then rejoined to the Grid.




Re: Changing the Grid master IP address

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We need to do same thing.

Our Grid master has one NIC only configured.

We understood that the change must be done when all the grid members are online. Our concers is how to do this change. Is it recommended to use the CLI mybe via console or the UI? If the UI is used isn't there a risk to lose connectivity before the changes/replica is completed?



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