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CNAME recursion and Type A record

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Is it possible with Infoblox to request a full recusion until getting the type A record response without returning an intermediate response to the client machine in the case of CNAMEs?

Client --> query --> Resolver --> Response CNAME --> Client
Client --> 2nd query with second CNAME --> Resolver --> Response Record A --> Client

If possible to?
Client --> query --> Resolver (Full recursion, CNAME, CNAME, Record A) --> Client




Re: CNAME recursion and Type A record

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Re: CNAME recursion and Type A record

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I'm afraid to say that this is not possible.

Re: CNAME recursion and Type A record

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The way you want it to work happens to be the way it already works by default when responding to recursive queries.  When getting a CNAME response, the server continues the resolution of that name, and then returns all the information to the client.  It isn't configurable, but in this case that doesn't matter because you are getting the behavior you want.

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