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Custom Hostname Format for DDNS via DHCP Server

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I'm interested in generating DDNS records in a format similar to client-mac-address.domain.tld for DHCP clients. Is this natively possible yo configure using Infoblox? I've read the documentation on the "Generate Hostname if not Sent by Client" and "hostname rewrite policy" features, but neither of these seem to help accomplish what I'm looking for. While looking throught the WAPI documenation, specifically for the "lease" object, I came across a references to an "on_commit" field that is described as "The list of commands to be executed when the lease is granted." Being able to execute a custom command when the lease is granted may help accomplish my goal. However, I haven't been able to locate any further information related to this object and field. Does anyone have any information regarding this field and/or additional ideas on how to accomplish this?

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