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Custome sheets/csv

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I have /8 network which is dicided into more than 10000 subnets

Almost half of the subnets are added under the DHCP server .and DDNS update is checked and we have name of the client as well with all the lease information of the subnets individullay. These subnets are enabled for DNS and DHCP under the same grid.

I want to get report/sheet that will display me all the IPs that are under many subnets with name and with EA attributes


Some subnets are added manually and details are mentioned for understanding in EA.

under each subnet some IPs are being used and marked as used and soem are free.

These subnets are again updated with EA.


We want to extract report/sheet what are the ips are used in each subnet with details.


Is there any possibility that we can achieve it.




Re: Custome sheets/csv

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Yes, it's definitely possible to generate a report or sheet with the information you need. Here's a general approach you can take:

1. **Query the DHCP Server**: Utilize the DHCP server's management interface or command-line tools to query lease information for each subnet. This will provide you with a list of IP addresses leased out to clients along with lease details like lease expiration time, client name, etc.

2. **Retrieve EA Attributes**: If you have custom EA (Extended Attributes) associated with subnets or IPs, you'll need to retrieve those as well. This might involve querying your DHCP/DNS server or management system for this information.

3. **Compile the Information**: Once you have the lease information and EA attributes, compile them into a report or sheet. Each row could represent a leased IP address, with columns for IP address, subnet, client name, lease information, and any relevant EA attributes.

4. **Filter and Sort**: Depending on your requirements, you might want to filter or sort the data in the report/sheet. For example, you could filter by subnet or sort by IP address.

5. **Export**: Export the compiled report/sheet into a format that suits your needs, such as CSV, Excel, or PDF.

6. **Automation (Optional)**: If this is something you need to do regularly, consider automating the process using scripts or tools provided by your DHCP/DNS management system.

The exact steps and tools you'll use depend on the specific DHCP/DNS server software and management system you're using. If you provide more details about your environment, I can offer more specific guidance.

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