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DDNS - Update Refused Host

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I have a question about the DDNS, we have configured Dynamic update to update a zone inside our Grid between the DHCP and DNS.


We are working with host record with IPv4 reservation based on the MAC address.

We have tested the DDNS with the protected mode enabled and disabled but the update is refused in the two cases.


If we test without host record but only with IPv4 Fixed address object, the DNS updates works correctly; A, PTR and TXT record are created.


Can you give me a slution to continue to use the host record object for DNS entry with DHCP reservation and DDNS works ? 

Or we need to use IPv4 Fixed Address to get the DDNS working ? 




Have a nice day,

Re: DDNS - Update Refused Host

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DDNS does not work with Host record, you must use A/AAAA and PTR. But, from what you provided, I don't think you need to use Host, it appears you are concerned about the DHCP IPv4 Reservation, which you can create independent of any Host records. It is basically the same object as a IPv4 Fixed Address. 

Re: DDNS - Update Refused Host

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I try to delete a Host record by "nsupdate del <host.record>".

If there is just one IP-Adress assiged to the record it works pefectly fine.

But if there are two or more IPs in the host record I get a "update failed: REFUSED" by nsupdate.


Infoblox Appliance log: 


general: subtractrdataset: infoblox_to_one_db: REFUSED
general: Delete error: Authorization denied for the operation (18):[_default] (data="", source="host_address")



Is there a workaround to delete host records by ddns? 

Is there any documentation about this?
These docs say, that it is possible to Restricting Updates to Protected Host Records 

Secure Dynamic Updates - Infoblox NIOS 8.5 - Infoblox Documentation Portal

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