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Delegate SubDomain to AWS Route 53

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I am in need of some assistance in regards to subdomain delegation. I am working with a client that uses InfoBlox for their DNS management. They are trying to create NS records to delegate a subdomain to an AWS Route 53 hosted zone. I have given them the four name server values provided by the AWS Route 53 hosted zone, but InfoBlox is requiring that they enter IP addresses for the NS record. AWS does not provide IP values for their name servers. Is there a way for an InfoBlox user to create NS records without IP addresses?


-- Isaac

Re: Delegate SubDomain to AWS Route 53

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On most standard DNS systems, to create a delegation, both the names and IPs of the delegated DNS servers are required.  This is required so that the glue records can be created if required.  I am aware of no way around this.


The only alternative I see might be sub zones.  I've never had a case to use them, but they may work for your case.  You configure the zone once with the current name server name and IPs.  Then Infoblox will refresh the records and update them if they change.


From the Infoblox admin guide:


NIOS 8.4 Admin Guide: Admin NIOS > DNS > Config Stub Zones 


Maintaining Stub Zones
The NIOS appliance maintains the stub zone records and updates them based on the values in the SOA record as
The refresh interval indicates when the appliance sends a discrete query to the primary name server for the stub
zone. The appliance learns about any changes in the stub zone and updates the NS and A records in the stub
zone accordingly.
If the update fails, the retry interval indicates when the appliance resends a discrete query.
If the query continues to fail, the expiry value indicates when the appliance stops using the zone data.

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