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DFP client on nios not working after hardware replacement

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After replacing Vnios vmware 1410 with net vnios 1415 unit as kb#2896 i noticed that on new unit.

DNS service was working but the forwarding DNS queiries to Active trust cloud was'nt working.

In CSP portal on on prem tab for vnios unit and on dns member properties on the unit itself i noticed there was now a different api key and registerd mac address. In portal i removed the on prem host for replaced vnois unit and added it again. On the vnios itself i added the correct key and restarded it's dns service. In CSP portal i had to enable this onprem host again in service part for DFP. Then everything worked again. Does this step need to be done also when you use a join token instead of separate api key per member ?


I also noticed that for our ha pair Nios that is also running a DFP client, that after software upgrade you need to approve the new active unit in the CSP portal under onprem host configuration. Is this normal ?

Because i couldnt't find anything in adim guides for this when deploying and this is also not mentioned in online ATC training.


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