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DHCP automation

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Good day
Please assist, is there a way to automate DHCP scope.
I have about 200 scopes that I have create on Infoblox DHCP.
And creating scopes manually will take me a very long time

Re: DHCP automation

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If I understand your question correctly, you need to create 200 ranges within your Grid.


I would create a one network and one network range within the Grid.  Export the network and the network range in a CSV export formatted file.  Modify the file with the data needed for the 200 network ranges you need to add and then import that data back into the Grid.


Note:  If you are utilizing DHCP Failover, ensure that on the networks that you create that you assign the individual DHCP servers to the network and that you assign your DHCP Failover association to the network ranages prior to importing.  This can all be done in the same file.

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