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DHCP Client Identifier

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Good day,


If a client  Class ID was set to "emea_dc" when they image the machine. 


by doing ipconfig /all this includes the class ID


DHCPv4 Class ID..................... emea_dc


How I am going to configure this in Infoblox that when a machine has a class id of emea_dc, I will get a different option 15 or any option when it detects it? In Bluecat I can do this no problem but I am having a hard time figuring it out. I tried the IPv4 filter but doesn't take effect. Would you be able to show me how you do it?


Many Thanks

Re: DHCP Client Identifier

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Not sure if you figured this out yet, but I'm up against the same issue.  You are on the right track by building a DHCP filter (Data Management -> DHCP -> Filters and use either the User Class filter (option 77) to look for "emea_dc" being sent by the client or build a custom class and have the client imaged with it.  Then it's just a matter of building your match rule and merge options, in your case sounds like option 15 will be different depending on client.  Hope this helps.

Re: DHCP Client Identifier

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Hey ebre,

I think you have to work with filters like Scot described. I'm not 100% sure that this will work, but you can try it. In my case under 8.5.1 you have to go to "Data Management - DHCP - IPv4 Filters". Here you can create a new option filter.


In the next step you can select an options space and specify the options that you want to overwrite.


Finally, the filter must be attached to the DHCP range. This can be done in the options of the range under Logic Filter List.


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