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DHCP Failover restart service config file mismatch

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Hello guys, 


I post here because I have a little problem, and I need advices.

Currently, I have a DHCP failover with a primary and a secudary in the default restart group.


Sometimes when I restart DHCP service, I see in the logs this message : 

failover peer Infrabel-DHCP-FO(1645715775p): I move from normal to communications-interrupted

Failover CONNECT from Infrabel-DHCP-FO : Dhcpd config file mismatched, please restart your dhcpd service.

I receive also a mail alert to DHCP Service in warning state

The default restart group contains only these two machines and is configured to restart sequentially.

Is it better to restart simultanously ?

Is there some parameter to change like the Maximum Number of Unacked Updates ?


Have a nice day, 

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