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DHCP lease expires, Infoblox deletes the DNS record automatically

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I am trying to confirm what that statement means based on the scavenging video


The paragraph under the video states DHCP Leases expires and Infoblox deletes the DNS record automatically.  The video states around 20 sec in that in a pure Infoblox world, DNS scavenging is not necessary.  The Infoblox Grid tracks the life cylce of the leases and their associated DNS records.


As an example, a user disconnected a Windows/Mac laptop without shutting down and did not turn it back on again.  I want to confirm that after the DHCP lease expires, DHCP would release the IPv4 address and then notify DNS that it can delete the A record for the computername.  Is that correct?  If so, is this configured by default when DDNS is setup or is there some other configuration that is needed?  I am more focused on the improperly shutdown devices that the ones that shut down because in know DHCP can be set with option 43 to release the IP on shutdown.


I am very new to Infoblox so sorry for the basic question and thank you in advance!



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