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DHCP Testing

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I'm new to Infoblox and just started building a test environment.  I was wondering what's the best way to test DHCP without affecting the production environment?  I don't want my clients to pull leases from the test dhcp server.  But I do want to create or even import my existing dhcp scopes for testing and validation. 


What are some ways to test?

Re: DHCP Testing

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1. Configure a new test VLAN on your router and access switches.

2. Add the IP helper of Infoblox.

3. Ensure all firewall rules are in place for DHCP & DDNS(if needed).

4. Connect some test clients to the access switchports and test.

5. Recreate all the subnets including the configured options for all the DHCP scopes.

6. Change IP helpers on the VLAN interface.




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