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DNS Forwarding with Masking

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There is any way to do a DNS Forwarding with Masking?


I have a web page with a button that redirects to another domain in AWS like "" so I want to display only "" and not the url to Amazon domain.



Please excuse me if my question is a bit silly .... I'm new to DNS handling




Re: DNS Forwarding with Masking

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Your scenario is not entirely clear but my guess is that what you are asking is not possible. Functionally, a CNAME record would accomplish this but this record would need to be placed in the zone and this would redirect requests during the resolution process, meaning that the initial display would not be hidden/masked. Not only that, but if you are not authoritative for this zone, anyone not using your DNS server will never see the redirect through the CNAME record.


You might be able to accomplish this through a redirect on your web server, but that is something that you would need to explore through the community/support for your web server.


Good luck!



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