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DNS View Fall through for internal and external requests.

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with the DNS views i"m trying to complish a method of a response with a different answer for specific source ip's. so only a specific subnet will have access to the view. 

Only one zone with a few records are specified in this DEV view .  For all other internel zones I want these clients to fall through" to the next view in the configured member list.  But this doesn't seem to happen automatically.


I can however achieve this by setting the forwarders of the DEV view to the vip of the ib member. and deny the ipaddress of the member/VIP in the access list of the DEV view.


In the properties of the member, the next view in the configured view list is default.

So all zones that are not defined in DEV will be querried in the default view.


But this only seems to work for zones that are actually defined in the view, if i want to resolve a public adddress like this doesn't seem to work, eventhough the default view has forwarders to internet defined. 

How can achieve the fall through to the next view for undefined internal zones and also/still resolve public ip's ? 


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