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Do all passive nodes upgrade together?

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Have an upgrade with multiple passive modes.

I understand using groups but what happens to multiple ha passive nodes, do they upgrade based on their groups or together??

Re: Do all passive nodes upgrade together?

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HA nodes will upgrade by group if you have your grid members separated into upgrade groups.  In a cluster, the HA nodes go first.  Once they have upgraded and restarted, they'll sync the config and the HA cluster will fail over.  The former active but now standby node will upgrade.


In an upgrade group, you can schedule each member to distribute code or upgrade simultaneously or one at a time.

Re: Do all passive nodes upgrade together?

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The option to upgrade one at a time is sequential upgrade correct?

If I have 2 ha clusters in 2 separate groups and I choose simultaneous upgrade both the passive nodes will upgrade at the same time?

Re: Do all passive nodes upgrade together?

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This can be a confusing topic and is difficult to answer here because it is not a simple one-sentence answer. To get the best information possible on this, I would recommend reviewing the NIOS Administrators Guide (available through the Help panel in your Infoblox Grid Manager GUI, or through the Tech Docs section in the Infoblox Support portal-


Here is the basic workflow for a default upgrade:


  1. Grid Master passive node
  2. All passive nodes for HA pairs, and all standalone nodes

With regards to upgrading Grid members simultaneously or sequentially, this is answered in the NIOS Administrators Guide. For your reference:


- Upgrade Members: Select one of the following to specify how the group members upgrade to the new
software version.
      - Simultaneously: Select this to upgrade all group members at the same time.
      - Sequentially: Select this to upgrade group members in the order they are listed in the group members list.



The NIOS Administrators Guide breaks this down in much better detail and includes graphics which walk through the entire process and the differences that you will expect under different scenarious. Definitely check it out. This is covered under the chapter titled "Managing NIOS Software and Configuration Files".




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