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Do I need to add a forwarder zone if the authoritative name server is a Grid member?

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Let's say that we have a Grid and the grid has a couple of DNS members. Member 1, which acts as a recursive name server for all DNS clients, and Member 2, which is intended as an authoritative name server for the internal zone "internal.local".


Now, do I need to define a forward zone for the internal zone internal.local, with its authoritative name server as Member 2 and the member to forward being Member 1?


Or is this all intuitive to the grid and all what I need to define is an authoritative forward mapping zone "internal.local" with it authoritative name server being Member2? and thus the reslover "member1" will  intuitively forward any queries to records for the internal zone to Member2? Meaning that I don't want to add a forward zone.




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