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DTC Monitoring from Specific Members

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Hey All,   not sure how mnay others are using DTC, but we're just starting to try to setup some enrtries.


One problem we are running into is that the service checks seems to be sent from every device in the grid.  Is there a way to limit which grid members send the service checks?  We have a few grid members in separate DMZs that don't have the same access as the main group of Grid Members, so all the servers are coming up in the "Error" state because monitors froma  couple devices are failing...





Re: DTC Monitoring from Specific Members

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DTC was designed with the premise that each DNS server authoritative for the zone will perform its own health checks and have its own view of network connectivity, so the first way to control it is by controling which members are authoritative for the zone.  There is also the "consolidated health check" feature in more recent code, but I would caution you that it should be used only for specific use cases, that should not be your default approach for all DTC health checks because there are queuing impacts once you start sharing health information across the Grid members (which brokers through the GM).  It may be worth your time to engage your Solutions Architect to discuss your use case, if they don't have the knowledge, they can engage SME resources that may be able to assist.

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