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Fingerprint and MAC filter

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I have a DHCP IPV4 Filter which contains several fingerprints related to our IP phones.

I've applied this filter on a pair of DHCP ranges. Everything runs smoothly, and exotic devices do not recieve an IP.


Goal is now to disable our phones to grab an IP from other ranges.


As we have more than one hundred ranges, we'd like to avoid setting this filter manually on each of them.


On my imagination, I see things like this :


- On the grid level (or in any wide-level object), deny delivering an IP based on the filter.

- On the network level, override and grant the IP based on the same filter.


Is it technically possible ?



Re: Fingerprint and MAC filter

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Hello there,


Fingerprint Filters at the moment is not Supported on Member / Grid level.


You can consider contacting Infoblox Support with regards to having a Feature enhancement request filed if required to have this.


Hope this helps.


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