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Getting CNAME and A record reply

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Hello Community,

I'm trying to find a solution to a DNS issue. I currently use an Internet hierarchical system based on Root and TLD Servers to resolve our namespace.

Now I want to resolve a CNAME record pointing to a fqdn hosted in a private zone (root and TLDs doesn't know this zone).

When DNS client send the request to Resolver, this server can get both, the CNAME and associated A record. Nevertheless, it doesn't reply to the DNS client with the A record, it just replies with the CNAME one.


This is the request - reply sequence:


DNS Client to Resolver -> Request: ¿who is

Resolver to Root -> Rquest: Who is NS for .corp? Root -> Reply: .corp NS

Resolver to .corp NS -> Request: Who is NS for company.corp? Reply: .company.corp NS

Resolver to .company.corp NS -> Request: Who is Reply: CNAME: / A:

Resolver to DNS Client -> Reply: CNAME: (but not the A Record. Why?)


I need Resolver replies to DNS Client with the A record and not with the CNAME one. I've tried change the Resolver configuration using a Conditional forwarding just for that zone (company.corp) but I got same results.




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