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Global catalog DNS record not being creates

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Joined a company where DNS isn’t integrated and infoblox is used. I’ve recently promoted a server to become a DC but the .gc_mcds record isn’t being created in infoblox and replication isn’t working fully. The DC is GC ready and everything looks okay from server side, networks have said it has write access to infoblox but is there anything extra for me to do server side?

When i try to manually register the records using nltest and net logon I get errors such as “no logon servers” and dcdiag tests show all records are missing on the DNS servers where the working existing DC show matching records. Any help would be great as this is new to me and i don’t have visibility of infoblox, the problem DC has an A record and a PTR record and register this IP in DNS is ticked on the NIC, server 2022

Re: Global catalog DNS record not being creates

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Hi Dannybride!

Thank you for your inquiry. Your questions on this issue are best answered through submitting a support ticket where our staff can provide direct assistance. Please follow-up with them and let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you.

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Bob Rose
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Infoblox NIOS DDI Product & Strategy
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