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GMC enabled and now connection loss

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We enabled in our Grid a GMC which was previous just a normal HA-Pair-Member. Now every 6h in the logs there is showing a connection loss to the GM.

We are running 9.0.3. 


The ports should be opened:

1194/udp open openvpn

2114/udp open|filtered newheights


The interesting thing is that it always happening at the exact 6 hours. In the logs I just see the heartbeat error.


Someone any idea ? 

If I roll back the GMC setting, does the appliances need to reboot completly ? We are running on the machine dhcp, will there be a service breakdown?


Re: GMC enabled and now connection loss

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Changing the appliance to be a "normal" member rather than a GCM will cause it to restart.

If the issue is happening exactly every 6 hours and it wasn't happening before, its possible that there is something happening that causes the heartbeat to fail for a bit. In this case, a support case is going to be the best step forward to investigate the cause of the heartbeat failure.

During a product restart, the DHCP service will not serve addresses but you should (?) have another DHCP server in a Failover Association?

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