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HA HW update from CP-V800 to IB-V1415

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Hi everyone,


I need to do a hardware update from device model CP-V800 to IB-V1415. Currently, the devices model CP-V800 are forming a HA and I would like to know if I can perform a HA with one device CP-V800 model and the other with IB-V1415 model? It is possible? Are compatible these two hardware models to be joined in the same HA? They have to live together only during the hardware refresh.


Thank you in advance.

Re: HA HW update from CP-V800 to IB-V1415

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Hi everyone,


I have found that I need to know.



Cannot form a HA pair with a virtual appliance and a hardware appliance. Instead both should be virtual or hardware type. However, for the time being or for a swap, we can have 2 middle models of appliances together with both hardware/Virtual ones even though Infoblox won't suggest that for a longer duration.


Thank you all.

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