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how to change zonetype from secondary to primary

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Hi community, I'm a newby in Infoblox and searching for assistance.


Is there any easy and fast way to change zone type from secondary to primary on Infoblox wihtout loosing records?



We want to move zones from MS DNS to Infoblox as primary, which already servers these zones as secondary.

In MS DNS this is done by klicking twice in Gui....



Would be happy to hear from you.

Thanks in advance


Re: how to change zonetype from secondary to primary

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Hello there,


In order to change a Zone type from Slave to Master. You would have to Edit the Name Server settings of the concerned Zone and change the Infoblox DNS Server from Grid Secondary to Grid Primary. P.S: This will discard the Zone data. 


Once the Zone's type is changed to Master (Name Server set to Grid Primary), you can make use of the "Import Zone" feature from the Toolbar of your NIOS Grid and import the Zone data from the Microsoft DNS Server. 


The Infoblox NIOS Administrator Guide talks about the "Import Zone" feature in detail. Please do give it a read. 


Hope this helps.



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