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IB | IPAM | IP address Conflicts

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I have running IPAM discover via DDI box and it prompted alot of address conflict. FYI: Discovered host that is part of a DHCP range but some does not have a fixed or leased address.


Is there any option available on IPAM to automatically updates the existing address data with newly discoverd data on next schedule discover tasks? 


Or any recommendation way to remediate/resolve IP address conflicts in IPAM discovery.


Thanks in advance.




Re: IB | IPAM | IP address Conflicts

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Hi Ib89,


  You can  try using the options mentioned bellow:-


— Merge the discovered data with existing data: When you select this check box, the appliance merges the
discovered data with the existing data. It appends newly discovered data to existing data and preserves the
existing data when there is no newly discovered data. This check box is selected by default.
Note: If you clear this check box, the appliance replaces the existing data with the newly discovered data and if
there are no newly discovered values for some fields, the appliance removes the existing values for these
fields and the fields become empty.
— Update discovered data for managed objects: Select this check box if you want the appliance to update the
data of existing managed objects such as A records, PTR records, host records, and fixed addresses, with
the discovered data. If you clear this check box, the appliance updates only the unmanaged objects. This
check box is selected by default.


PLease let us know if this satisfy  your requirement.



Aneesh R

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