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Incomplete Basic Search in NIOS GUI

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I would like to inform other Infoblox NIOS customers that the basic search could be incomplete (without any GUI warning).
This can happen when eg. a host object contains more than 500 ip addresses. In our case this is a router with more than 500 ipv4 interfaces. If we search for a DNS name string which also includes this router object name only this router host object is returned by the search. There is no GUI warning like more than 500 objects found.

The Infoblox support engineer has filed a KB article.

KB article NIOS: Why does my Basic search result list only one result when there are known to be more results? (

As Infoblox does not handle this behavior as a bug, we also requested an enhancement.
RFE-13195, Allow Basic Search in the NIOS GUI to return all available search results 



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