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Infoblox DNS from AD WS

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I have a client that wants to use the infoblox as dns of the AD, when he stops the ad dns server and we use the infoblox resolves the local queries but not the external ones.
To do this, I configured in Data Management -> DNS -> Grid DNS Properties, "Forwarders" ip


This configuration is fine or I have to make another configuration?


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Re: Infoblox DNS from AD WS

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Using a public DNS server as a forwarder is not required, nor recommended. With that said, forwarding requires recursion to be enabled. The same requirement happens to apply if you want clients to be able to use Infoblox DNS for external resolution as well.


To verify the setting for recursion:


  1. In your Grid Manager GUI, navigate to Data Management -> DNS.
  2. Click on the Grid DNS Properties button.
  3. Switch to the Queries tab.
  4. Enable the Allow Recursion checkbox.
  5. Under "Allow recursive queries from", verify that there are no restrictions that would block recursion for your clients.
  6. Click Save & Close.
  7. Restart services.

Within a minute or two, recursion (and any forwarding configurations you may have) should start working. If you do not have any requirements to use a forwarder, it would be recommend removing that configuration.




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