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Infoblox -- what are the key benefits over just using Windows AD?

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I don't know about Infoblox benefits but the key benefit for using these features in Windows is undoubtedly cost. DNS and AD just work well together and if you are using AD then integrating DNS is, to me, common sense. Prior to Win2012R2 you weren't able to setup DHCP failover very well and there was no IPAM to speak of.


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Re: Infoblox -- what are the key benefits over just using Windows AD?

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This forum is typically used for more technical discussions.  This sounds more like a marketing/sales question.


Marketing Answer:


Quick Answer:

Microsoft DNS/DHCP services provide basic DNS and DHCP services.  If you want to provide secure services, Microsoft often does not support these features.  This might include blacklisting domains or utilizing RPZ (Response Policy Zones) to secure your network by blocking resolution of bad hosts and networks.  Infoblox also supports added security by blocking data exfiltration by DNS (using DNS packets to send data outside of the enterprise).  There's many more features an enterprise might consider which Microsoft does not support.

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