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Integrating Windows AD with Infoblox

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Hello Members,


his is a great forum. If this post is a dupliccate please forgive me.

We would like to integrate Windows AD with our Infoblox niox. We cannot afford to buy

the DDI license.


We would like the nios to provide DNS for our windows server that authenticate thorugh our PDC(s).

We have a primary and secondary PDC - Yes I know they require DNS installed and running, etc.


I belive we can use the process of "Delegation" to accomplish this. Do I have a correct understanding there?


Our nios box has a domain name: Our old PDCs were ms-svr-PDC01.comnet - and the PDCs were suppling DNS for the various windows client servers, etc.


We plan to create two new PDCx with a new domain naming scheme: This new domain will be "delegated" on the nios box.


Does this scheme make sense? OR is there another way to accomplish this? 


I am open to suggestions.


Thanks So Much,



Re: Integrating Windows AD with Infoblox

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Sorry forgot to mention we use static ip addressing - but DHCP may not be out of the question



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