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Integrating Windows DNS Into our Infoblox DNS environment

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We have an on-premise environment that uses Infoblox appliances to serve DNS to our devices. We are predominantly a Windows envirnoment and we are currently in the process of extending out into Microsoft Azure. We have a Hybrid Cloud setup, and have just set up Domain Controllers in Azure. Currently these DC's are pointing to Infoblox for their DNS, but I would like to install the Windows DNS role on these DC's and have other Azure Servers point to the DC's for their DNS.


I'm not too sure how best to approach this, as it is our networking team that deal with all things DNS, and I don't really know what options Infoblox provides.


- Can I join a server running Windows DNS to the Infoblox grid, so that the records can be automatically replicated to Windows DNS?

- If my Azure servers are pointing at Windows DNS for their DNS, can they also automatically register their DNS records to the Windows DNS Server, and then replicate this back to Infoblox?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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