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IPAM Discovery

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A couple of questions regarding version 8.4.4. I'm having a hard time finding relevant documentation because it seems like everything that comes up in search results is for a different product version, and I find very little in similarities.


1 - How do I enable discovery or configure discovery settings at the grid level? I see how to enable it for individual subnets, but would rather not have to go in and manually edit each subnet.


2 - Is discovery generally left on, or is it generally run once and then maybe periodically? Or is that entirely up to the admin? I saw something in one piece of documentation that indicated there was a setting for that.


John Meggers

Naples, FL

Re: IPAM Discovery

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I opened a support case last night for some guidance and was told the member cannot be configured at the grid level. It can be configured at an umbrella level (above the individual subnets) using a container, and subnets in that container will inherit the setting from how the container is configured. Unfortunately for me, my customer's logical organization of subnets didn't correspond to supernet boundaries, so I was unable to use that approch except for a few corner cases. I wound up configufing the discovery member on pretty much a one-by-one basis.

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