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IPAM Only Solution DNS Names Stacking up on IPs

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Hi everyone,


I am running NIOS 8.6.2 and we are not leverging DNS/DHCP because we have these services running from Microsoft.


Well the issue I'm running into is that when a DNS record is found on a DHCP IP it adds that name that is associated. After it finds a new end user that has accuired that IP through DHCP it adds that new DNS name to the IP without removing the previous one. This can obviously stack up and I'd like to find a way to clear that information (hopefully automatically).


edit: I've added a photo so you can see what I'm talking about. I had to ommit a lot of the information as to not share sensitive data but you can make out enough to get an idea.


Addationally, all of the DNS records, networks, IPs are all added to Infoblox through Discovery.



Screenshot 2022-09-03 085248.png


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