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IPAM + vDiscovery - Behavior when server is down

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I have a vDiscovery job running everyday at 04am.

We found that if any virtual machine discovered by this process is down for any reason during the job the IP address is released in the IPAM. 

The problem is that if the server goes up after we run the job, the IP address will be offered as free IP and a conflict is inevitable. 

Is this a expected behavior?  

Re: IPAM + vDiscovery - Behavior when server is down

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Thanks Zacharywatson for you reply!


According to your message, for vDiscovery tools, the historical data and last known state should stay in the database but that is not happening. 

Is it a expected behavior? 


I will include some screenshots to ilustrate the case. 


1. First we run the vDiscovery Job and all IPs appears on the IPAM


2. We shutdown the server with IP 250 and 251 and run the vDiscovery again resulting on exclusion of the unmanaged record. 2.jpg


Bellow are the vDiscovery Settings. 


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