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Link Selection sub-option - option 82

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Hello everybody, 

For a project with Infoblox, I am currently checking a possibily that I never used before, 

This is the "Link Selection sub-option"


My Infoblox current version is 8.4.6 but I don't understand how this feature works and how configure Infoblox to use this feature ?


Here is the the paragraph found in the documentation:

In addition to the relay agent IDs, NIOS also supports the Option 82 Link Selection and Server ID Override sub-options, which allow DHCPv4 to operate in a network architecture where direct communication between the DHCP server and DHCP client is undesirable or infeasible. You can configure these sub-options to direct DHCP traffic to go through the relay agent and have more control over your DHCP communications.

The Link Selection sub-option provides a mechanism to separate the subnet/link in which the DHCP client resides from the GIADDR (Gateway IP address). The GIADDR field in a DHCP message is populated by the relay agent and is typically used to inform the DHCP server about the subnet in which the DHCP client resides and to inform the DHCP server of the IP address to use to communicate with the relay agent. In situations where the GIADDR might not be the appropriate subnet from which IP addresses should be allocated, you can use the Link Selection sub-option to explicitly set the subnet from which IP addresses are allocated to the client.

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Re: Link Selection sub-option - option 82

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How to configure this sub opt 5 ?

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