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List of DNS Servers that do use ECS!!

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I am finding very outdated articles that are sponsored crap from various companies about DNS Servers that support ECS. I use cloudflare and while I like it I heard ECS isn't natively supported by CloudFlare's DNS nor Google's. And a search on Google shows a bunch of sponsored posts for DNS hosting with ECS which isn't what I want. I am trying to find a public DNS server that supports ECS and see if the claims behind ECS are true for websites with CDNs placed in front of their sites.


Re: List of DNS Servers that do use ECS!!

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Thank you for joining the Infoblox community forums. Infoblox does not currently provide a public DNS service but if you are looking to use Infoblox for your own DNS solution, Infoblox appliances do support ECS (EDNS-Client-Subnet, RFC-7871).




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