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Logical network configuration

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I am new to infoblox and in a new role I was given two enviroments running a mix of Virtual and Physical appliances.


Currently some very old units of 6.x NIOS range are being replaced with current 8.4 NIOS units. In the old enviroment I have 1 GM and 4 GMC systems no HA pairs all are runing on LAN1 only.


I would like to move the GM and GMC to new VM's and make the Physical systems Grid Members not GMC's to this point if I configure the management interface on the GM and GMC can I leave the members with only LAN1?


Can any one point me towards some visual resources on recomended logical cabling for these units. while most is very apparent I would like to see some examples of how enterprises have deployed these to cover internal and external sides of real world networks.

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