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Looking for a managed DNS, DHCP, OpenDirectory

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I'm searching for a device or conveyance that had a web or application UI to deal with these administrations. I'm mindful I can introduce and design each assistance all alone. PFSense has a decent interface for these devices (perhaps not opendirectory). Mcdvoice  OSX Server additionally did however Apple expostulated these sort of highlights.

What do you use for these administrations ?

Alter: One thing I neglected to specify too was a Certificate Authority. I utilized the order line instrument to create certs previously, root CA, moderate CA and customer endorsements. Yet, it turned into a torment to oversee over the CLI. Is there a front end for that as well?

Re: Looking for a managed DNS, DHCP, OpenDirectory

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Hi KyleFoleyk,


I would like to reference you to some products that Infoblox has in their portfolio to assist you with those administrations and i would recommend you to reach to Infoblox representatives if you want to chat about the solutions more in-depth.


Network Insight :


NetMRI : 

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