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Mac NetBoot with VMWare AutoDeploy

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Hey All,


I am trying to configure infoblox to respond to Mac Netboot requests in a VMWare AutoDeploy environment. 

A sample ISC DHCP config file can be found here:


I'm having a difficult time trying to replicate the "netboot" filter specified in the linked .conf file. From what I've been reading, it looks like this is achieved with IPv4 Option filters applied to the DHCP configuration as logic filter.

The config file linked has a number of nested IF conditionals that the Infoblox Option filter doesn't replicate, unless i create several filters that contain all of the conditionals. Even with all of these conditionals configured as separate filters, my Mac does not see any netboot targets. We've successfully used a CentOS based DHCP to boot.

Is there an easier and more straightforward way to replicate the filters in the sample?

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