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Member Memory Alert

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Just wanted to run an alert by you, one of my clients monitors their Infoblox applainces with SNMP monitoring and using PRTG. PRTG is alerting that the infoblox physical appliance is nearly all utilised. I can see from the support bundle that the memory is nearly full. I thought the box itself should manage the memory itself and should not allow it to get to a critical stage. The unit is model 1425. They are running version 8.5.1 and so far we have suggested an upgrade to 8.5.4 (this is not done yet) also we have suggested to reboot the member in question but that did not make any difference. This is not causing any issues at the moment, but we wanted to confirm if we needed to do anything. This is the only grid member who is being alerted on, grid master and other grid members are fine. 


Is there anything we can do about the memory on the physical applaince? Any settings to adjust?

How do we know what is taking up the memory?

Do we need to worry about this or will the unit handle the memory itself?




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