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Microsoft SQL Cluster VIP DHCP setup

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We have an issue with Microsoft SQL cluster vips we are having a difficult time figuring out. We are in the process of migrating off of Microsoft DHCP to Infoblox DHCP, moving a scope at a time. The Microsoft SQL cluster nodes do a version of VRRP to share an active VIP between 2 DB servers. The way they had it set up in Microsoft DHCP was to have the 2 hosts have standard reservations for their MACs to pin down the IPs and then used a super-long MAC created by the cluster as a client ID to handle the DHCP for the VIP.


Has anyone set up such systems on Infoblox DHCP and what pointers do you have on configuration? We would like to migrate them as-is, but new clusters would have a static VIP going forward.


Thank you

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