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Migrate Network from one View to another

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I have couple of networks and in-tern sub-networks (/14 divided into 2 /16, which devided into 2 /17 etc..) and at the end of it i have IP addresses assigned to host. What is the easiest way to migrate this to default view from a specific view where it lives right now. I don't want to go to export at each page and then do an import on the other as that won't be ideal solution plus it doesn't work with importing IP addresses. it only works for subnets.

Re: Migrate Network from one View to another

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Just to add: these are just normal IPAM host records. These are neither DNS nor DHCP records. When i do a csv export of IP addresses i get first row of csv file as below:

IP Address,"Name","MAC Address","DHCP Client Identifier","Status","Type","Discover Now","Usage","Lease State","User Name","Task Name","First Discovered","Last Discovered","OS","NetBIOS Name","Device Type(s)","Open Port(s)","Fingerprint","Cloud Usage","Owned By","Delegated To","Comment","Site"

and when i try to import it again the same file it complaints 

"CSV Import file is not valid. First line of the file must be either a valid version number or a valid header line."
i have about 600-700 records in there and i wanted to find out quickest way to do it. i don't mind csv export/import but even that is not working. any suggestions?
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