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Mirroring a View or Equivalent

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We have 3 views - internal, external, and recursive. The external is for hidden mastering to external secondaries at various DNS vendors. And obviously, the internal and recursive views are hit in succession by internal clients looking to reach Internet DNS records. Each view uses separate equipment to perform its duties. The recursive view has nothing but default boilerplate zones.

What I would love is for internal queries to our external zones (zones that only exist externally) to be answered by the external view on the way out the recursive view, but I know that's not exactly something that can be done easily. I was wondering if there is a way to do a shared-view view or a massive shared group of an entire view such that I could have a copy of the external records in the recursive view to hit on the way out the door. I can't make a combined NS group that could handle all the usecases, as our hidden master one is a beast on its own. Is there such a way to share records between views in an automated way such that I don't have to convert thousands of records and zones to shared versions of themselves?

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