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Multiple DHCP Syslog-Messages "...incoming update is less critical than outgoing update"

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We have an Infoblox-Grid (Version 8.4.4.) which is our acting DHCP-Server but so far NOT the authoritative DNS-Server (still Windows-Server). DDNS is enabled on Infoblox to register all DHCP-Clients on the Windows DNS-Server. This all works fine so far.


But we see a lot of the following error messages in the Log all the time:

bind update on ........... from .......... rejected: incoming update is less critical than outgoing update


All i found during my investigations is that those message could be ignored ?!

But what exactly is the reason for those messages, and why are they shown with level ERROR if they can really be ignored ?

And is there anything i can do to get rid of those messages as they are filling up the log ?


And feedback will be highly appreciated.


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